Hotel Mondschein: family and history

The Stabingers: Hosts for 13 generations

Welcome to the Stabinger family at Hotel Mondschein. We, that is Roland, Karin and our son Maximilian, are already the 13th (or 14th) generation to care for the well-being of our guests. It is of particular importance to us and our staff that you feel at home while with us and have a relaxing time, while at the same time we maintain discreet level of contact with our guests.

A look back: The history of Mondschein

According to our family tree, the Stabinger family has been in Sexten since 1630, but originated in Switzerland (the family coat of arms was awarded to a family in Switzerland in 1607) and can look back on an eventful history.

For example, the old licence for the brandy Fratschlerey dates from 1797.
Excerpts from its certificate:

In order to be allowed to run the brandy distillery Fratschlerey, he had to pay the Gubernial payment office one guilder patent tax recognition interest every quarter. He was also obliged to report anyone who opened a distillery (Fratschlerey) without permission. During the usual church services, no one was allowed in the inn except the house staff. No hot food was allowed to be served to strangers, only cheese and bread. Dancing and gambling were not permitted in the house; the landlord was not allowed to let vagabonds and suspicious rabble stay overnight.

1839 1923 - Celebrations after completion of reconstruction 1915 31. august 1915 approx 1925 approx 1923 Sesto and Hotel Mondschein approx 1925 Postcard inn 1906 Hotel Mondschein - today

Hotel Mondschein then and now

Before our hotel, there was a bakery and an inn here, which must have been very popular. The nativity scenes from our present exhibitions were already installed in the guest rooms at that time. In 1998, the nativity scenes were exhibited for the first time.

The bakery still exists today, selling the widely popular Stabingen cakes, which have been a hit with those with a sweet tooth for generations.

The current house was built in 1979, but has since been renovated. Our restaurant and pizzeria have also been revamped with a fresher and more modern look; nonetheless, it was important to us to retain some of the rustic charm and blend it with the modern elements.